Canoga Park Population Statistics

office space rentalWhen you are looking to rent office space in the San Fernando Valley, you are going to need a location that can not only catered to the unique needs of your business, but a location that has great curb appeal in an area with a growing population. Canoga Park, in particular, has been seeing a steady increase of its population that has an above average annual household income. The Canoga Park population has been growing mainly within a younger demographic than other areas of Los Angeles. This 4.3 square area not only has the population growing population that businesses are looking for, but it is also has easy access to the highway system.

This growing population consists mainly of people between the ages of 19-34. Canoga Park has one of the highest populations of people who fall into this age group. The easy access to Canoga Park from the freeway, combined with Pierce College being right next door, means that these current demographics are likely to continue to grow. This makes Canoga Park a perfect location for any business related to services that can be provided to the students (DUI lawyers, medical practitioners) or start up companies looking for fresh talent, can benefit from the unique opportunities that exist within this vital demographic.

Warner Plaza has ideal office space for rent that can be customized to suit the business that you are looking to build. With this demographic, you will be able to tap into a market that is always going to be growing, with an income that they will be looking to spend. Leasing one of our office spaces gives your business many benefits besides being in the ideal location. We offer resources to help you establish your business online while also giving you numerous options on how you can rent one of our great office spaces.