Canoga Park Demographics – Demographic Information

Canoga Park Demographics   Demographic Information Population 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi. 2013 Male Population 23,217 112,410 224,826 2013 Female Population 21,607 114,709 232,319 % 2013 Male Population 51.80% 49.49% 49.18% % 2013 Female Population 48.20% 50.51% 50.82% 2013 Total Population: Adult 32,804 174,589 356,692 2013 Total Daytime Population 34,870 240,471 470,984 2013 Total Employees 10,963 116,940 […]

Job Posting – Assistant Property Manager Summer Internship

Assistant Property Manager Internship (3 Months)   Warner Plaza Office Building – Responsibilities: Work with leasing agent, marketing team, tenants looking for office space, and office renovation staff.   Supervise workers who are at the building doing renovations and building upgrades. Work with leasing agents who are searching for tenants for the office building. […]

Office Space for Lease Broker Commissions in Los Angeles CA

Office Space for Lease Commissions in Los Angeles CA We are looking to lease out 14,000 SF of office Space (subdivisible by 500 SF). We are looking to lease out 7000 SF of retail space (subdivisible by 1000 SF). Contact us immediately if you have potential tenants or to discuss commissions!

Canoga Park Population Statistics

office space rental

When you are looking to rent office space in the San Fernando Valley, you are going to need a location that can not only catered to the unique needs of your business, but a location that has great curb appeal in an area with a growing population. Canoga Park, in particular, has been seeing a […]

Office Space SF Options; Retail SF Options

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Contact us today for a fast, free, and customized price quote! Small Office Space SF Options Small Office Space SF (Square Foot) Guidelines are broad but we are definining them as 50-2000 SF. Office Space 50 SF Office Space 100 SF Office Space 150 SF Office Space 200 SF Office Space 250 SF Office Space 300 SF Office Space […]

Small Business Growth Ideas Canoga Park Los Angeles CA

Small Business Growth Ideas Canoga Park Los Angeles CA Placester – Curation Tools can be used for gathering information that is important to you such as google alerts, pinterest, and other alerting services and social networks.

Pricing – Additional Executive Office Space Pricing

Executive Office Space Cost – LA Private Offices Monthly Price – Ultra-Low $500/month!!!     Executive Office Space Cost – Optional Services Type Service Administrative, Receptionist Administrative Support, Secretary $25/hr Administrative, Receptionist Receptionist, Phone Call Patching/Transferring $25/hr, 10 patches/hr Mail/Mailbox Services Mail Scan & Email $20/month Mail/Mailbox Services Mail Forwarding $20/month Mail/Mailbox Services Mail Notification […]

Tenant Directory – Canoga Park Office Space & Retail Space Tenants

Tenant Directory – Canoga Park Office Space Tenants & Retail Space Tenants Unit Business 101 Mobile Phone Services/Repairs 102 Van – Ross Insurance Services:  Auto, Life, Home, Disability Insurance 105 Everything Store & More 205 California Diversion Program/Budget Canoga Traffic School 210 Military Transition Times:  Army, Navy, Air Force Services 235 Warner Plaza Management Office: […]

Retail Space For Rent


Are you searching for retail space for rent? Constructing a checklist of retail space lease priorities is a practical way to find the right retail location for you and your clientele. Retail Space Location Location, location, location should top your list of retail space priorities. When comparing prospective retail space for rent, accessibility and visibility […]

Psychologist Office Space Customization in Canoga Park Los Angeles

Customized Pschologist Office Space

Psychologist Office Space customization may include private waiting areas, private exit areas, receptionless patient arrival system, a comfortable ambiance, and comfortable lighting. Psychologist Office Space Customization Warner’s Plaza has all of the features and amenities you would expect from a professional facility, suitable for any psychology practice, counseling center, or medical practice. When you are […]

Office Space for Loan Brokers & Mortgage Brokers


So you find yourself sitting there, thinking to yourself, “how did this happen? How am I unable to find an office space for my mortgage brokerage firm, when my very job it deals with realtors so regularly?” We’re sorry to hear about your predicament, but you need not worry any longer. The  Warner Plaza is […]

Home Office versus a Small Office Space

Home Office Challenges

Home Office vs. Small Office or Executive Space Currently working from your home office?  Have you considered moving to a more professional setting.  Many people find that using a home office creates a lot of distractions and does not allow them to perform at their highest level.  Having an office outside of the home allows […]