Real Estate Office Space Customization

Real Estate Agent (Realtor) Office Space Customization:  Maximize occupancy, cubbies for quiet sound, shared conference rooms, wifi internet, cable internet, advanced phone lines.

Real Estate Office Space Customization Real Estate Agent (Realtor) Office Space Customization Real estate agents and realtor have very specific office space customization needs.  They often speak with 30-50 people on the phone daily and need both private space as well as shared conference room space.  They also want to maximize office space usage   […]

Financial Planning Office Space for Rent in Canoga Park Los Angeles

You’ve come a long way in your career. You went to college, studied business, got certified, and started your own firm. Congratulation, you’re about to take the next big step. By obtaining office space for your financial planning firm, your will not only come across as being more successful, you’ll actually become more successful. That’s […]

Loan Broker Office Space in Canoga Park Los Angeles CA

Success as a loan broker. A loan broker can be a profitable business. The Woodland Hills Business Center can assist you in growing your business while keeping overhead cost down. The market has changed tremendously, and technological advances have allowed brokers to cut cost by having mobile or virtual office space. Recent research has established […]

Psychologist Office Space Customization in Canoga Park Los Angeles

Customized Pschologist Office Space

Psychologist Office Space customization may include private waiting areas, private exit areas, receptionless patient arrival system, a comfortable ambiance, and comfortable lighting. Psychologist Office Space Customization Warner’s Plaza has all of the features and amenities you would expect from a professional facility, suitable for any psychology practice, counseling center, or medical practice. When you are […]

Office Space for Loan Brokers & Mortgage Brokers


So you find yourself sitting there, thinking to yourself, “how did this happen? How am I unable to find an office space for my mortgage brokerage firm, when my very job it deals with realtors so regularly?” We’re sorry to hear about your predicament, but you need not worry any longer. The  Warner Plaza is […]

Custom Office Space for Rent

Customized to suit every tenant

Customized Office Space Solutions We can customize your offices space to meet the needs of your business.  Unlike large corporate owned office buildings, we have customized office spaces to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses including online sales, mortgage brokers, lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, dentists, tax specialists, and counselors. Customization for various layouts […]