Custom Office Space for Rent

Custom office space to suit every tenant

Customized office space for rent; Built custom for tenants.

Customized Reception Area for Customized Offices

Custom Office Solutions for Reception Areas

Traditional Office Space for Rent

Multiple room customization with open areas and reception areas.

Customized Office Space Solutions

We can customize your offices space to meet the needs of your business.  Unlike large corporate owned office buildings, we have customized office spaces to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses including online sales, mortgage brokers, lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, dentists, tax specialists, and counselors.

Customization for various layouts

Private Entry or Private Exits

Many counselors, psychologists, and attorneys have clients that prefer more private entries and private exits.  This is to protect the privacy of their customers.  Here at Warner Plaza, we pride ourselves on building custom office spaces to meet the needs of our tenants and helping their business grow.

Open Layout Customization

Some businesses have had a need for an open layout.  Some businesses do not have a great deal of clients visit them onsite and have done much of their work by phone.  Some call center operators and mortgage brokerages prefer to have wide open office space to improve the communication between team members.  This also allows for the maximum occupancy per square foot.  Cubbies can be added to allow greater occupancy within an office space

Multiple Small Room Customization

Shared offices have often requested to have multiple small rooms.  We have had several tax specialists and accountants sharing space and sharing reception and front office management.  These clients have opted to have several small rooms with a larger reception area to accommodate both privacy between the offices and saving of resources.

Reception Area Customization

Some clients have requested to have more striking reception areas.  NIU College which is one of our current tenants has a front reception area that is wide open to the elevator exit.  This creates for an easier management of multiple people entering the business during class hours.   A previous attorney and client for 20 years was a law office using 8000 SF of space.  There was a large dramatic entrance way which was customized for this tenant.

Shelving Space Customization

Recently we have seen many businesses migrating online.  The shift to online businesses has sometimes created the requirement for greater shelving space and customization of spaces.  One of our tenants which conducts online business and sells products nationally and internationally needs a library like shelving system to maintain inventory.


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