Home Office versus a Small Office Space

Home Office Challenges

Home office making you pull out your hair?

Home Office vs. Small Office or Executive Space

Currently working from your home office?  Have you considered moving to a more professional setting.  Many people find that using a home office creates a lot of distractions and does not allow them to perform at their highest level.  Having an office outside of the home allows you to meet with clients and focus on getting things done.

Many find that it is helpful to separate home and work life.  If you currently have a small home office you should consider upgrading to a small office space or to executive office space.  This can be very inexpensive office space and can cost as little as $15/day!

Home Office Alternatives & Benefits

Small office space is a simple solution and will give you private space

Clients will see you in a more professional atmosphere and will take your business more seriously.

Mail can be received at a business address.  Many people do google searches on businesses that they are dealing with.  If they realize that you are working at a home office, then they are less likely to take your business seriously.

Home Office Challenges

Growth can be a major challenge for home offices.  Any successful business with eventually have growth pains and will need larger office space or flexible office space solutions.  You may have temporary or part time help and it is best to work with them directly.  Many people find that offsite help creates a big communication barrier.


If you are considering upgrading from your home office to a small office, executive office, or medium sized office, then give us a call today!  We will certainly be able to offer inexpensive and reasonably priced office and retail space.


Upgrade Home office to Small/Medium Office Space

Ready to upgrade today?  Call us today for a free consultation.  We currently offer 1 – 3 months free rent based on the terms of the lease.  We’re here to help your business grow to it’s fullest!