Mailbox Center Office Space Customization Canoga Park LA

Are you the owner of a mailbox rental┬ácenter? Are you looking for a new space to set up your business, a place that gives you high visibility to drivers and makes it convenient for people to pick up their mail? The key to a successful mailbox center is its location. You want a mailbox center in a highly-trafficed area where people are already going. That’s where Warner Plaza can help! Located at 21054 Sherman Way in Canoga Park, CA, Warner Plaza offers 16,000 square feet of office rental space on its second and third floors and an additional 8,000 square feet of retail on its first floor. This is a strategic design. We want our customers to be drawn into the plaza by our high-quality retail, and then go upstairs to collect their mail. By doing this, together we make Warner Plaza a destination spot for our clients and help them get many important tasks done at once. In addition to designing the plaza as a mixed-use building, we strategically placed the building in a highly visible and accessible location. Warner Plaza is located in front of s busy six-land thoroughfare, ensuring drivers see it.

Mailbox Center Office Space Customization

Furthermore, it is located in direct vicinity of the 101, 118 and 405 highways. No matter were clients are coming from or you g to, they can stop overar Warner Plaza easily before continuing on their way. Finally, Warner Plaza is family-owned and operated. That special touch has been important to us from the beginning and it shows in how we work with you. We have a variety of rental space options, so no matter how small or large your mailbox center is, we can accommodate you. If you are ready to elevate your business and see more customers in your mailbox center, then consider Warner Plaza. Come in today to view our rental space, and begin making plans for expanding your center’s business and traffic. There truly is something for everyone at Warner Plaza, and we can’t wait to show you. Call us today for a free tour and rent quote.