Large Office Spaces for Lease (3,000-24,000 SF)

Maximum Savings, Minimize Risk, & Maximize Cash Reserves

Large office spaces for rentBy taking a larger space, you will likely get the best deal on a dollar per square foot basis as compared with a small or medium sized office.  With sufficient manpower, inspiration, teamwork, and collaboration, your business can grow exponentially.  It is possible that you can rent 16,000 ft2 in Canoga Park at a cost that would only give you 4,000 ft2 in Encino or Woodland Hills.  When you purchase a large office facility, you’ll likely need to come up with 10 to 20 percent of the value of the office space. When you find large office spaces for lease, you’ll only need to pay a deposit and one or two months’ rent up front. For start-ups or companies with weak cash reserves, leasing is the better option.  We will even work with you on shorter term projects.

Maximum Customization & Onsite Presence

You’ve worked hard, don’t you deserve an office with an eye-catching entrance to impress your customers and visitors?  The more space you occupy, the more we can work with you to tailor the space to your needs.  You deserve more than a box-like executive suite at this point.

Manage Employees Effectively & Enjoy Your Life

Let’s face it – most CEOs spend 60 hrs/week in the office which translated to about 240 hours/month.  You’ve worked hard – don’t you deserve to enjoy you time in the place that you work.  Why should you team be cramped up in a 4,000 ft2 office, when they can build out to 8,000 ft2 and enjoy private rooms, a company lounge with a ping pong table & TV, and space for a kitchen?  The better you treat yourself and the more camaraderie between your employees, the more your ultimate productivity will be!  Email, chat, the phone and video conferencing is great but you know the best way to communicate is by keeping a close eye on your employees.  That means having a centralized office instead of dispersed workforce

Flexibility with Construction & Management Partners

You may not need your office space for ever. If you’re in a swiftly changing market, the facilities needs of your company may quickly change. With an office lease, you’re not locked into a property forever. Lease terms can be negotiated to meet your needs, giving you the temporary, or medium-term facilities you need.  We’ will work with you and custom tailor to your needs!

Room To Grow than a Medium Sized Office

Let’s face it, moving isn’t fun. It’s particularly not fun for businesses, who must often close or delay operations during a move. That’s why renting small office space may not be the right call. Renting a large office space gives you room to grow as your business grows, keeping you from having to find new facilities and disrupting your business with a move.

Low/No Maintenance Headaches

Let’s face it – the last think you need to be taking care of is a leaking toilet.  We assume that if you have gotten this far, then you have plenty of challenges as it is competing with other companies and growing your business.  If you buy it, you own it.   All of the maintenance costs and upkeep will be your responsibility. Business owners who rent get out of these costs and obligations, however. Depending on your rental agreement, most costs of maintenance, including HVAC work, roof repair, plumbing, etc. will be your landlord’s responsibility. This can be a huge incentive to lease, rather than buy office space.

Tax Advantages of Larger Office Spaces vs Small/Medium Sized Offices

You leased space is going to be tax-deductibe without any legal hassles or complexities.  Even Uncle Sam knows that office space is always going to be an acceptable business expense.  You might as well put your money towards building a team of individuals all under one roof.