Medium Office Spaces for Lease (1,000-4,500 SF)

Medium office spaces for leaseWarner Plaza LLC has the perfect space for your company. The company offers a variety of office spaces designed to custom fit your business needs. If you are a medium size business in need of a rental space for your company, consider working with Warner Plaza to find a space that is just the right size in the perfect location. In addition to these benefits, the company also offers tenants a number of amenities and additional services.

Medium Office Spaces for Lease

When it comes to business expenses, you obviously want to keep your costs as low as possible, which is one reason it is so important to find a property that is the right size for your company. Many traditional leasing companies offer one of two sizes to new tenants – tiny or extra-large. If your business is in the medium size range, though, neither of these options is the best fit. You are either stuffing your company into a too small space or paying for a lot of excess you don’t really need.At Warner Plaza LLC, you’ll be able to rent a space that is “just right” for you and your business. Our medium office spaces range in size from 1,000 to 4,500 square feet and are ideal from companies ranging from 2 to 10 employees. Plus, by making even just a short-term lease commitment, you’ll be offered a premium space with the perfect space.

Benefits of Leasing with Warner

If you are looking for medium office space for lease, you really need to look no further than Warner Plaza LLC. Our company not only offers optimum sizing on our spaces; we also offer our tenants a variety of additional benefits.When you sign a lease for a medium space with Warner Plaza LLC, you get:

  • Access to Meeting Room Services
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support, including being added to the building directory and given website development support
  • Established IT Services
  • Reliable connectivity services including Telecommunications, Wifi Internet, and Wired Internet
  • Cafeteria Space, Refridgerator, Free Coffee (16 flavors!)

Specifics of Medium Office Space for Lease

If you are a medium-sized company, though, you are looking for more than “just the basics.” When you lease a medium sized office space with Warner, you receive a number of additional leasing benefits.Our medium-sized spaces are designed to offer you many of the same benefits of a large office with added flexibility and control compared to our smaller options. We also extend the option of changing the décor of your medium-sized space. You can customize the carpeting, flooring, walls, windows, and internal walls to fit the design of your company. With this option you are also given the opportunity to invest less financially but still establish a commanding business presence. Selecting a rental space in Warner Plaza also offers you the added benefit of being surrounded by established, reputable companies. You’ll likely see a boost in your business just because you are well-located in conjunction with other comprehensive businesses.

If you are a medium-size company looking for the perfect rental space for your business, call Warner Plaza LLC today. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get your perfect business space.

Highlights – Medium Size Office Space Benefits

  • Mid-sized office spaces are ideal for companies ranging from 2-10 employees.  You get many of the benefits of the large offices and more control and flexibility than a small office or executive office.
  • This is for the company that doesn’t sweat over paying $1000/month and making a short commitment.
  • Gain much more freedom and control over you office.
  • Option to change carpeting, flooring, walls, windows, and internal walls.
  • More flexibility with customization than an executive suite.
  • Less financial investment than a large office space.
  • Strong onsite presence and strong external building marketing opportunities.
  • Respectable onsite presence to cater to your customers.


Keep all the benefits of smaller plans (Executive, Premium, and Virtual Offices)

  • Meeting Room Services
  • Marketing Support:  Building Directory, Website Development Support
  • IT Services
  • Telecommunications, Wifi Internet, Wired Internet
  • Cafeteria