Office Space Pricing in Canoga Park Los Angeles CA

Additional Space/Rooms, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms

  • Extra Office (100 – 450 SF)
  • Conference Room Access: $10/h, $60/day
  • LCD Projector (Free with Conference Room Access)
  • White Board (Free with Conference Room Access)
  • TV/DVD (Free with Conference Room Access)
  • Video Conferencing (Free with Conference Room Access)

Computer & Printing Services:

  • IT Support/Services:  Ask Us
  • Administrative Support:  $20/hr
  • Wifi Internet, Wireless Internet
  • Ethernet, Wired Internet
  • Computer Usage
  • Copy
  • Scan
  • Fax
  • Print

Mail/Mailbox, Shipping Services:

  • Mail scan/email $20/month
  • Mail forwarding rate $30/month
  • Mail notification $20/month
  • Notary services $15/stamp
  • Virtual Mail Plan $50/month

Marketing Services:

  • Website Design
  • Building Directory Listing
  • External Building Street Signage

Telecommunications, Computing, Internet, Phone:

  • Telecommunications, Computer, Internet
  • Copy/Print (B&W, Color, Photo)
  • Fax (Receive/Receive)
  • Phone Services
  • Computer & Internet Use $5/hr, $30/day, $100/month
  • Wired Internet
  • Wireless Internet $30/month
  • Phone & Internet Services: High Speed Internet, Wifi Internet, Wireless Internet, Ethernet/Wired Internet, AT&T, Time Warner Cable Internet
  • Phone Number $20/month
  • Phone Usage $10/day, $50/month
  • Business Mail Service
  • Business Phone Number
  • Phone Receptionist

Additional Services:

  • Catering Options variable pricing
  • Beverage service variable pricing
  • Additional Parking Spot (Reserved)
  • Storage Space
  • Locker Space

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