Shared Office Space for Rent (5,000 SF)

Benefits of Renting Shared Office Space

shared office space for rent

  • Optimal for early stage entrepreneurs and start-ups or businesses needing limited onsite presence.
  • Camaraderie of working with other entrepreneurs
  • More fun atmosphere than working at home.
  • Well built infrastructure without a high capital investment or commitment.
  • Mobility:  some chains of shared office space can allow you to work in multiple locations.
  • IT Infrastructure:  Internet, Phone, Fax, Printing, Marketing Visibility
  • Flexibility:  can typically be used hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  Long term contracts are not needed.

There are many instances in where small businesses, freelancers and consultants don’t really need full offices in order to perform their work. All they really need is a quite, focused work environment away from their home in which they can conduct business. Shared offices space are a great option for those people. When looking for shared office space for rent, consider Warner Plaza. We offer all of the amenities of a full-sized office without the cost.

Shared office space for rent is a perfect alternative to working from home.