Small Office Space for Rent (500-2,000 SF)

small office space for rentSmall offices spaces are ideally suited for new, growing, small companies between 1 – 8 employees (variable).  You get many of the benefits of a medium sized offices and smaller executive suites.

Small Office Space Benefits:

  • More professional than working at home.
  • Better focus and productivity than working at home.
  • Tax deduction is more legally acceptable and protects you against getting audited for working at home.
  • Expansion is easily scalable to a medium sized office.
  • Infrastructure costs are less than a large office.
  • Networking with other like-minded individuals within the building or community.
  • Easier to meet with customers.
  • Project a professional image.
  • Build your brand with a local address.
  • Easy accessibility to your customers during business hours.
  • Office based businesses are taken more seriously by customers than home-based businesses.
  • Local addresses are taken more seriously by local businesses.  People would rather deal with a local business in Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, Encino, West Hills, or Granada Hills than deal with someone in a foreign country or someone in a large corporate office far away.
  • Flexibility:  can always scale up to a medium/large office is you get the exponential growth you know you deserve!  Don’t have to make the big commitment of a medium/large office or be cramped up in a smaller executive suite.


Companies need a proper space in which to function. What is needed varies by the type and size of the company. For small companies, that means small office spaces appropriate to the size and needs of the business.

A small office space can be the platform for great things. It gives a more professional setting than operating a business from home, provides a safer space in which to meet clients, gives employees space in which to work and provides room for a company to grow in. There are a variety of small office space for lease choices, and these spaces are designed to meet the needs of various sorts of businesses.

Especially as a business starts out, it can be quite important to have a cheap office space. However, low rent for a small office space for lease is important at all stages in order to encourage business growth for a small company. We can meet that need for inexpensive office space. Medical office space, financial office space, legal office space and more can be found amongst our offerings.

We are professionals who are experienced in meeting the office leasing needs of businesses. We offer small office space for lease as well as medium office space and large office space to accommodate various sized companies. We have office spaces ready to meet the business expansion needs of companies.

Whether a small business is looking for office space for lease in Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, West Hills or Encino, we can help. Build your business center with one of our office spaces for lease.

Small companies have certain needs. A small office space for lease can meet those needs, and we at Warner Plaza LLC can help connect your small company with the right small space to meet its business needs. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.