Virtual Office Space Rental

Shared Workspace and Virtual Office Space Services, Amenities, and Features!

Mail Handling Services

  • Administrative Support, Receptionist, Answering Svcs:
    • Virtual/Remote Assistance
    • Administrative Tasks (various):  $25/hr
  • Meeting Room Services (Additional)
    • Conference Room Access:  $10/h, $60/day (Davinci Discount 30%)
    • LCD Projector:  Free with Conference Room Access
    • White Board:  Free with Conference Room Access
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  • Mail Handling Services:
    • Local Address & Virtual Mail Plan:  $50/month (Davinci Discount 30%)
    • Mail scan/email: $20/month  (Davinci Discount 30%)
    • Mail forwarding rate: $30/month  (Davinci Discount 30%)
    • Mail notification: $20/month  (Davinci Discount 30%)
    • Notary services: 15  (Davinci Discount 30%)
  • Marketing Services:
    • Lobby listing: $40 original discount 25/ monthly
  • Communications, Telecommunications, Computer, Internet
    • Computer & Internet Use:  $5/hr, $30/day, $100/month
    • Wired Internet:
    • Wireless Internet:  $30/month
    • Phone Number:  $20/month
    • Phone Usage:  $10/day, $50/month
    • TV/DVD:  Free with Conference Room Access
    • Video Conferencing:  Free with Conference Room Access
  • Other
    • Catering Options:  variable pricing
    • Beverage service: variable pricing


Benefits of Virtual Office Space over Traditional Office Spaces

Flexible terms:  hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly terms.

Overhead costs are lower

Social Atmosphere of the shared office space is more fun.

Pay per click infrastructure without long term obligations.

Short term commitments.

Mobile Workforce solution.   Could potentially have access to numerous locations to work from for travelling business people.


Also See:

Executive Office Space

Traditional Office Space

Executive suite – A small percentage of VO users lease space full-time time.[22]
On-site amenities – A full-service virtual office will provide broadband Internet, fax-copier-printer, advanced phone features, conference calling, video conferencing, kitchenette and a business-worthy lobby/waiting area.
Virtual office solution – Virtual office solution gives dual advantages in whichever city you need and a reputed business address which would marginalize the gap created by established brand value.
Live virtual receptionist – A virtual answering service is an automated system with a live virtual receptionist. This kind of service can be enjoyed without purchasing expensive equipment.
Other services – Other services may include creation of a website, business cards, attorney consultations.
A virtual office space rental blends home and work to gain efficiencies in both.[23] Office expenses are low, while the user’s professionalism retains the image of a traditional, high-cost office.[24] A virtual office user can reduce their environmental impact, as well as the personal negatives of a daily commute.[25] Virtual office clientele have the flexibility to match expenses with revenue fluctuations immediately, as the costs are usually variable.[26] A virtual office can allow for low-cost expansion with no long-term commitments.[27] Users taking advantage of virtual office receptionists eliminate the traditional burden of health care, records, payroll, insurance & rent. Also, traditional time-off (sick days, vacations, personal leaves, etc.…) does not apply to a virtual staff.[28]

Virtual offices are experiencing growth even in a recessionary economy,[29] and not just in the United States.[30] As businesses look to trim expenses, virtual office services help reduce overhead while keeping professionalism high.[31] For example, by paying for space and communication infrastructure on an as-needed basis, businesses can keep office expenses to a minimum.[32] The portability of today’s technology also allows for a more flexible work environment.[33] As businesses trend to a more “online” workplace, the notion of paying for space full-time becomes anachronistic.[34] Traditional receptionists making $12–14/hour[35] can be replaced with remote receptionist services at a fraction of the traditional cost.[36] Some virtual office companies or telephone answering companies offer a franchise system, enabling entrepreneurs to enter the marketplace for a fraction of the usual set up costs and with the added bonus of leads being fed to them.