Office Space for Loan Brokers & Mortgage Brokers

Office Space for Loan Brokers

So you find yourself sitting there, thinking to yourself, “how did this happen? How am I unable to find an office space for my mortgage brokerage firm, when my very job it deals with realtors so regularly?” We’re sorry to hear about your predicament, but you need not worry any longer. The  Warner Plaza is designed specifically to accommodate loan and mortgage brokers. We offer Canoga Park’s premium office space for rent and lease and we’re proud of it. Don’t believe us? We implore you, give us a call and take a tour, we know you’ll love what you see.

When looking for a new Office Space for Loan Brokers, look no further than the Warner Plaza. Warner Plaza, LLC offers offices of all sizes to help accommodate growing businesses. Loan brokerage offices are unique from traditional offices in many ways because of the unique nature of the business. We are here to accommodate you.

Our brokerage spaces are:

  • Optimal for small, medium, and large brokerages .
  • Most inexpensive solution for brokers on a dollar per square foot ($/SF) basis.
  • Great control over the space-Ability to change the internal structure of walls.
  • Lower expense is typically associated with longer lease terms.
  • More deeply entrenched and well established within the community.
  • Signage options and marketing options are increased.
  • Also referred to as “Owner Occupied” office space.