Retail Space For Rent

retail-space-canoga-parkAre you searching for retail space for rent? Constructing a checklist of retail space lease priorities is a practical way to find the right retail location for you and your clientele.

Retail Space Location

Location, location, location should top your list of retail space priorities. When comparing prospective retail space for rent, accessibility and visibility should be considered. Retail space first floor options are easily accessible and provide high visibility. Placement in retail space high traffic areas is optimal. Leasing options are another important consideration. Retail space short term leasing options are often offered as a promotion. Limitations and possible changes in price upon renewal should be agreed in advance. Common area usage and adequate customer parking availability should be clearly documented in the lease.As in any task, when searching for retail space for rent, rules of common sense will take you far. Retail space busy street locations may have a higher monthly rent. However, the exposure will often bring new customers. The same theory may apply to low-cost retail space. Low-cost rent is appealing, but traffic and exposure may be limited. In the long run, the location and leasing options available usually determine the cost-effective nature of the property.

Retail Space for Rent Priorities

If you have found yourself battling between retail space for rent in low-cost low visibility locations and high priced retail space for rent in high visibility locations, we may have the solution. We have several first floor, high traffic, and high visibility retail leasing options currently available. Many of our locations have busy street access as well as busy walk by traffic. We want your retail business to succeed. Our professional team members can assist you in locating the perfect retail space for your budget as well as all of you retail space leasing needs.