Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Lawyers in Los Angeles CA

When you are in the business of commercial real estate, chances are there is going to need some kind of legal representation at some point. Hiring legal assistance can be something that can easily turn into a stressful situation. When it comes to making sure that you are able to get the best representation for your business we have provided you with a quick list of some of the highest rated real estate lawyers in Los Angeles.

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Sam Yebri

Sam Yebri has been making a name for himself with a series of victories. Yebri has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in cases that dealt with the more complicated aspects of real estate law. He is able to effectively represent both real estate developers and investors. His career expands years of working for high level firms. He has also been award the title of Super Lawyers Best Up and Coming Southern California Lawyers from
Super Lawyers Magazine.

Zakari Law
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Zakari Law is a firm that is dedicated to helping both landlords and tenants when it comes to commercial leasing contracts. Zakari Law believes that the best way to resolve any conflict that may arise, is to catch it before it has a chance to develop. Their serves are offered at a flat-rate and consist of litigation and contract drafting. Zakari also have a staff of advisers that can assist with better understanding the various process of law that surround real-estate. Their competitive and high quality services have made them a popular firm when it comes settling real estate disputes.

Bruce A. Hatkoff

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Bruce A. Hatklott is located right in the Tarazana.  Hatkloff believes that both landlords and tenants have the same right to legal consul when it comes to real estate. Hatkoff offers contract drafting and will sit down with clients, both landlords and tenants and makes sure that both parties knows the finer points of the contracts. This firm can also help landlords when it comes to issues such as return of property and delinquent rental fees. Bruce A. Hatkoff is a firm that has over 35 years of experience practicing real estate law.

Epstein Turner Weiss
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Epstein Turner Weiss, is a law firm that has extensive experience when it comes to handling the legal side of real estate for both land lords and tenants. With years of experience and with services that can adress everything from basic dispututes up to legel litiguation, you are sure to find this firm more than useful when it comes to ensuring the well being of your commercial property. They offer customized services and long lasting legal solutions so you can spend less time worrying about the legal side of your real-estate and spend more time concentrating on managing your property.

Stephen K. Shiureal estate law

Stephen K. Shiu is a diverse lawyer is able to offer services to both individuals and companies. Whether you are just looking to settle a simple dispute or you are looking to tackle a much larger legal issue, Shiu has a track record that has earned him a 5 star rating across the board on Yelp. One of the ways that Shiu has set himself apart from other, similar law firms, is that on top of being able to represent you, his firm also offers brokerage help to make sure that you are getting the best deal that you can on your commercial property.

Platt Law Group LLPreal-estate legal

Platt Law Group LLP, is a law firm that is geared towards helping it’s clients with handling both the legal side to running commercial real-estate and making sure that business transactions can occur in as smooth as a fashion as possible. Platt Law has a team of experts who can help guide through property and business law. They also offer free consultation to make sure that you are able to get the right services that your property or business is in need of. Simple and effective, Platt Law Group is dedicated to make the law as simple as they can for you.

Michael P. Rubin & Associates real estate lawyers

Located right Tarzana, Michael P. Rubin & Associates have earned a reputation by representing clients on the Superior Court and have been able to help clients both as individuals and small business. Rubin’s trail experience and success in the court room has lead to him writing the book Streamlined Discovery, which can be found in many law libraries throughout the state of California and has seen popularity in sales, as many other law firms have sought the book out to add it to their own libraries. Rubin & Associates offer a wide range of legal services, with their primary focus being on real-estate law.

DJK Counsel Ltdreal estate law

DJK Counsel Ltd is a law firm that views practicing law as an art form. This viewpoint allows for them to better view your services from the big picture standpoint instead of the short term gains that  you might find going through other law firms. They are dedicated to putting their clients first by making sure they are getting the services that they deserve. While the firm does offer other services, such as family law, they also provide services to anyone who is looking to settle a dispute when it comes to commercial real-estate. Their team of top tier lawyers are always there to ensure that the needs of the client are meet.

Schorr Lawreal estate lawyers

Schorr Law offers a trusted and reliable litigation practice right in Southern California. With years of experience, Schorr law has been able to help settle multimillion dollar cases for his clients. Schorr honed his skills by working at other well known law firms before setting out to establish his own practice. He is able to tackle any real-estate dispute that may arise and has built up a reputation for not just winning his cases, but also in making sure that his clients are able to get the most out of their wins. He is able to pratice law on all of the California court circut and served for the Clinton White House on the Empowerment board, which was aimed at helping build up inner-cities.




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